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Posted on August 11, 2017 in News

So what is Footprint Walks and who are we?

On the 12th of January 2016 I had an idea. It wasn’t like some of my ideas, this one was fully formed. It just popped into my head and I knew I had to act on it. I didn’t know how to act on it, I actually had no idea but that was a minor problem, I’d work that out later.

I wanted to go walking and I wanted others to go walking as well. I wanted to showcase the beautiful Bellarine Peninsula. I wanted to show everyone the local villages, the wineries, I wanted them to enjoy the beautiful Providores and experience the beautiful local food. My backyard is a paradise and I wanted to share it. I wanted these people to leave their cars behind and immerse themselves in the Bellarine and explore it by foot.

I wanted a Bellarine Peninsula self-guided walking holiday.

Now how was I going to create this so that others would want to participate? And how at the age of 60 was I going to navigate this digital world and get a website (I assumed I would need one of these)? And how would people find this website to book my self-guided tour?

Lucky for me I had a daughter who had spent the last 12 years working in Marketing, surely she would know what to do. Upon telling her all about my idea she told me about websites, search engine marketing, search engine optimisation, social media, advertising, hashtags and lots of other things I didn’t really understand (hashtags are still a mystery to me). Once she had finished talking she looked at me and said, ‘Mum, I think this idea has legs. It’s going to be A LOT of work but if you really want to do it then I will help you.’ So we started working on it.

Next step I needed to map out the trail. I wanted the best trail that showcased the best of the Bellarine. I have walked the area a lot but I have never mapped it out or developed a trail, and it was going to be a big job. Lucky for me I also have a son in law, he liked walking surely he would volunteer to walk roughly 80 kilometres. Not only did he walk it but he re-walked it a mapped out the best route for our future walkers.

Now 18 months later we have a finished product and a small family business. It’s grown a lot from my original concept but it’s bigger and better than I ever expected. We are really looking forward to developing Footprint Walks over the next few years and we would love to take you on our journey.

Check out footprintwalks.com.au and have a look at what we have created, follow us on our socials (I’m now up with the lingo) and watch the journey unfold.

Much love, Jill – the ideas lady.

Boats on Foreshore - Queenscliff

Boats on Foreshore – Queenscliff

Bellarine Peninsula Trail - View of Melbourne

Bellarine Peninsula Trail – View of Melbourne

Bellarine Peninsula Trail - Canola at Portarlington

Bellarine Peninsula Trail – Canola at Portarlington

Portarlington mussels

Portarlington mussels

The Rocks - Mornington