You’re never too old to walk the Camino.

Posted on January 4, 2019 in News

It started tying my shoes up one day. That stiff feeling of the back then the embarrassment of tying them up on the chair of the kitchen table. Yes I had turned 60 and was suddenly confronted with the knowledge that the body wasn’t as flexible as the spirit. I needed to get fitter.

I am not a gym person, not motivated in an enclosed sweaty space with the Hulk opposite lifting his weights. That’s disheartening not motivating. Walking was more my style but I am more of a pacer not a trekker. I perused a lot of the self-guided websites but noticed the average daily route was 25 kms. Not to mention the gradients they looked so overwhelming. Also what about carrying my luggage as well? How was I going to carry all that extra weight?

I imagined myself collapsed by the roadside somewhere in Umbria or Provence with poor language recall and miles from the end of the route. At a push I can walk 10 kms in a day and maybe a bit more after a lunch break and rest. But 25 kms one day then every day after that? It filled me with trepidation.

I decided I would engineer my European walk for success. This walk would build on my skills, fitness and confidence to ensure I continued walking the world well into retirement. I had read a lot about the Camino and all of its 800 kms. But the last part from Sarria to Santiago was only 115 kms and pretty flat.

The daily kilometres were roughly 12 kms and I was able to get my luggage transported

So the new me would be able to stroll along with a comfy day pack and no worries.

Yes I can see me succeeding at last.

I have travelled a lot around Europe mostly by car but you really do have to concentrate at the expense of your surroundings. I can’t wait to walk in Spain mindfully. I will be able to stop whenever I like, massage the feet or perhaps stop at a café and have some lunch, all the while I will be clocking up the kms and the fitness.

Age may have its downfalls but like a lot of things in life it’s best to take stock of what you are actually capable of then plan accordingly this usually leads to a better outcome.

Keep following my preparations for the Camino, September 2019.

Jill x